This section includes several resources and downloadable documents from BLEND project.

Introducing the Scheme of Work (IO1) done by our KPEDU partners. Check out the video!:

You can download the template with the scheme of work data here:


This is the presentation of the Blended Learning Pathways made by Myerscough College

And this is the presentation of the BLP made by IPC


Also here you can watch the Assortment Knowledge Interactive Learning Package prepared by IPC


This a compilation of various Learning Resources made by Myerscough


A screencast for learning knots made by IPC. The videos about knots which have been produced for the ETW-module Tree climbing 1 (videos about how to make knots and how to use them in a tree) are now available as interactive videos, both informational and as exercises. The learners now have the opportunity to practice knots at home and by doing so spare instruction time at the course day.


And the next screencast is from KPEDU, as one of their Learning Materials about Tractor maintenance.

The KPEDU partners have created a compilation guide about blended learning, VLEs, interactive videos aimed at their own staff, in Finnish:

Kpedu Sulautuvan oppimisen opas BLEND

From Myerscough, some of the main outputs Are the Quality assurance guide:

Guidance for ensuring the quality of interactive resources

And a step-by-step example of how to make a video:

Example video plan

And also the Self Assessment tool:

Blended Learning Self Assessment Tool Inc. Guidance-Myerscough


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